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трещина запрос [Blackhat Mailer Pro] (fix)


It would be so kind if anyone could crack and share blackhatmailer "crack"
removing the server connection.. As the stupid author hasn't renewed
his website & abandoned it since a year. ceased working in the beginning of 2018 & is offline,
which means that all those who have put $450 in this bulk mailer since 2012
will not be able to use it, unless the application which is still available at
for download is Cracked to have this stupid code verification
by the author's website, that is now offline, removed for good.

It's totally ridiculous because customers who have put 450 dollars
on it have the right to keep using the application without that stupid
secondary vain site code verification that disables all functions.

If anyone has the kindness to remove it as a contribution
(as i'm now on gov's help), it would be very kind as I shouldn't pay
a software 450 dollars to have it disabled in all functions 6 years later.

The moronic author of the app explained me that he doesn't think his
site will ever be down but that if it happened, he would fix the connection
issue & have it removed, but naturally, since 3 years, he never responded
to any emails.

Please have a look & fix it as a contribution.
Ps: Naturally, i have the login & password.

& another fix would be great:

1) Rotating the "computer id" section that blackhatmailer only changes
at every restart, when it should be different on each sent email..

2) If you have time, fix proxy connections with smpt's,
this section crashes or freezes forever often ((