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denial of service

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    Increase the number of listeners on Icecast radio servers

    This program will fakly increase the number of listeners on any Icecast radio. Download: (Hacxx Denial of Service 1.1)
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    Hacxx Denial of Service 1.1 - Increase Fake Radio listeners, Multiply the number of hits...

    Multiply the number of connections to a site up to 10x. For single multi-thread denial of service use the old version as it connects and disconnects 1 connection at the time in a continous mode. - Increase up to 10 users by typing the address - Works better with internet radios 10x - Works...
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    Hacxx Denial of Service - A continuous HTTP DDOS tool

    Hacxx Denial of Service was developed because the original tool "HTTP Query Tool" had a limitation. The limitation was that running in a continuous way will make the system slow down and the browser will hang up. This new version called "Hacxx Denial of Service" fixes the limitation of continuos...