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    Nintendo Switch Annoyer For Windows

    Download: Download 2: Download 3:
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    Apple ID Annoyer - A tool for sending reset code.

    Send Reset Code - Require valid Apple ID Solve Apple ID - Useful for finding profiles - Require first name, last name and email. This combination is good for validation. Once you get the email of your target use Facebook Annoyer to get the first and last name for that email then with Apple ID...
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    Twitter Annoyer - Send reset sms or email

    A prank program to send Twitter reset codes by sms or email. Download: Virus Scan: (2/66)
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    Microsoft Annoyer - Send reset sms or email without trace

    Send reset sms or email without be logged to any Microsoft service. No need - Your email, password or any other details. Only require the target email and/or phone number. Download: Download 2: Virus Scan: (4/68)...
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    Acoustic Annoyer V1 - Use annoying frequencies on your windows!

    Acoustic Annoyer is a program that generate acoustic sounds to scare animals or persons. The sounds are tuned to work in some specific frequencies so it can be annoying to the human as animal ear too. As a extra Acoustic Annoyer comes with a text to speech engine. Download...
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    Facebook Annoyer - Send security warning email or sms

    Facebook Annoyer is a small tool i develop with the purpose of sending a security warning email or sms to any facebook user. How to use: 1) Open the executable 2) Write the target email or phone number 3) Check if it's the target account (If not, right click and press "Go Back") 4) Choose from...