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WP Tube Video

WP Tube Video 2.0

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Attention Webmasters: Spice Up Any Youtube Videos On Your Wordpress Site In Seconds!

«Give Any Boring Videos The WOWTreatment»

Increase Your Conversions With The Ultimate Youtube Video Styling Plugin For Wordpress!
See The Plugin In Action
Click play to watch the plugin demo

3 Powerful Sizes To Fit Your Post and Pages

Choose the size that best fits your website (small or big) in one click.
Customize In Seconds Inside Your Wordpress dashboard

WP Tube Video is so simple even a baby could use it.
16 High-Resolution Youtube Player Skins

Ipad (Black and White)

iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

MacBook Pro and Macbook Air


Galaxy S3

Nexus 4


Monolith TV

GPS Screen

PC Monitor

And last but not least...

Stylish Shadow

But that’s not all... WP Tube Video comes out-of-the-box with...
Free Developers License And More
  • 100% Compatible with the latest Wordpress 3

    All you need is a version of the latest Wordpress to get started immediately and create as many videos as you like.
  • Install In Seconds, Start Using It Within Minutes!

    This plugin is SUPER-easy to use, there is nothing technical to complicate your life or to confuse you.
  • Full Support For Any Embed Youtube Videos

    Beautify any of your videos on Youtube: all you have have to do is to enter the video URL (we’ll show you how) and you’re done!
  • Free Developers License (limited time only!)

    Use this plugin for your personal projects or clients project as much as you’d like. It’s our way of saying thank you!
  • Custom Video Controls (Hide and Autoplay)

    Choose to autoplay (or not) your videos or hide the controls if you want to go for a lean and clean video style.
  • No OTO (One Time Offer), No Upsell

    There is no additional offer that will make you feel like this is not the FULL package: what you see, is truly what you get!
  • 16 Built-In Youtube Skins

    This plugin comes with 16 gorgeous templates for your videos, including Ipad skins, iPhone, Macbook Air and even Galaxy S3!
  • Helpful Video Tutorial Guide

    In case you need some help with the plugin, we have recorded an helpful 5 minutes video tutorial demonstrating all the features.
  • Rockstar Support Team Loves Hearing From You

    Our rockstar support team is always happy to help you out. Fast answers guaranteed! Avai
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