PinMe Script 1.9.1

скрипт-клон социальной медиа Pinterest + dump

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    Powerful Pinterest Clone

    Pin Photos
    Users can pin photos from other websites.

    Upload Photos
    Users can upload photos from their computer.


    Repin Photos
    The advanced repin feature allows users to repin photos pinned by other members.

    Pin It Button
    Advanced "Pin It" Button allows users to easily pin photos from other websites after they add it to theit bookmarks toolbar.


    Tag Members
    PinMe Script lets you tag other members in comments using @Username


    HashTag Tagging
    PinMe Script lets you add tag in comments using #Tag which link to the search page.


    Tag Members And HashTag Tagging in Pins
    You can tag members (@Username) in pin descriptions when adding a new pin.

    You can also do hashtag tagging (#Tag) in pin descriptions when adding a new pin.

    You can even do both!

    Login via Facebook (On/Off)
    You can allow users to sign up and login using their facebook account.


    Comment on Pins
    Users can comment on all pins easily once they are logged in.

    Follow Users and Boards
    Users can follow both individual boards, or just follow a user to follow all boards that user has.


    Admin Panel
    The advanced admin control panel allows you to fully manage your website.[View Demo]


    Gifts Section
    Separate gift section that displays all pins that have a dollar price in the description.


    Adult Pinning Module - Pin Videos From Some Adult Websites!

    PinMe Script Adult Pinning Module
    This module allows you to pin videos from supported adult video websites.
    Use the pin it button to pin videos when on the play video page.
    Use the add a pin button to pin videos directly from PinMe Script.
    Стоимость - 99$
    FREE download for ForumManager

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