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Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot

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Google Plus Bot
The Ultimate Google Plus Automation bot. Increase followers, auto post, auto Plus one, auto follow, join communities, scrape and more

Google Plus Bot - The Ultimate In Google Plus Automation
  • Automatic Following
  • Automatic unfollowing
  • Automatic Liking
  • Automatic Commenting
  • Full account support, works with profiles and pages (business / secondary pages)
  • RSS posting text / images / links / audio / videos
  • Automatic posting of new items to RSS feeds
  • Action on all posts in community
  • Action on all community members
  • Action on all community contributers
  • Full search support
  • Action via search via authors or post
  • Filter search via recent or popular
  • Post links
  • Post videos
  • Post text
  • Post Audio
  • Post to communities
  • Join Communities
  • GPlus List Scraper
  • Manage an unlimited amount of accounts.
  • Account Verification
  • Full Spintax support
  • Schedule all actions for Drip Feeding potential.
  • Time delay between actions to appear realistic
  • Repeat all actions for constant promotions hands free!
  • Frequent updates
  • Good quality support via multiple systems
  • Full Captcha API support
  • All processes are stored so can be restarted in case of power failure
  • Detailed logs of all processes
  • Import / Export features for profiles, proxies. It is your data to take and do what you want with
  • Redo / retry / pause / cancel any action
  • Money back Guarantee
Search And Follow Users / Unfollow
Search for users, community members, community contributors, authors of posts returned by search and follow them automatically. Following users is a great way to get followers as most users will follow you back. But better than this is getting users to follow you back who are interested in the same niche as yourself, so the Google Plus bot from rootjazz allows you to find users to follow by searching keywords / hashtags and numerous scrape functionality

Search And Post Comments
Search for posts and add comments automatically. Posting messages to a post is a great way to engage the user and to get them to check your profile / pages

Search And Post Profile Comments
Search for users and post comments to their profile automatically. Posting messages to a users profile is a great way to engage the user and to get them to check your tracks out

Search And Like / Plus One Posts
Search for posts, process all posts for a user, process all posts in a community and plus one / like them automatically. Google plus bot allows you to find posts to Like by searching keywords / hashtags with recent or popular filters so you can Like targeted posts. Liking a post adds your profile URL to the post and is another way for users browsing google plus to stumble across your profile

Full RSS Feed Support Auto Post Text, Images, Links, Videos
Easily specify content to syndicate to your Google Plus feed. Automatically post new wordpress posts or links, twitter tweets, pinterest images, imgur images, youtube videos. Powerful scripting to work with ANY RSS feed. Assign tokenised meta data to apply to each video. Repeat to upload all new content added to the feed AUTOMATICALLY.

Full Accounts Support
Run an unlimited number of accounts in Google Plus bot. No limits or hidden charges for extra accounts! Full support for profile pages and business / secondary pages

Google Plus Scraper / Profile Scraper / Post Scraper / Community Scraper
Scrape lists of posts / users / communities / members / contributors. Filter your lists for greater targeting of posts user for your automation runs

Import / Export
All your data belongs to you. You can import / export everything for your promotions

Database Storage
Google Plus bot stores your data in a database structure. If you want to shut down the application, it can restart all processes currently queued up for processing. All processes can be redone, retried if failed, paused or cancelled.

Captcha API Support
Have the signup / login captchas solved by the following APIS.

  • Death by Captcha
  • By Pass Captcha
  • Human Coder
  • Decaptcher
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