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революция в сфере фейсбук маркетинга.

  1. R.Center
    There are NO guarantees in Search Engine
    Optimization any more. Sorry.

    We’ve all seen people swearing by seo… but how is it working out for them?

    Not good. That’s how.

    I don't know about you, but I didn't want to feel helpless and sit around waiting for the search engine gods to bless me.

    In fact there were times I almost gave up because I was...

    • Not making enough money
    • Watching others succeed
    • Spending too much
    • Wasting advertising money
    • Losing faith
    That’s not the life for me and I know that’s not the life for you either.

    But it’s okay. I’m here to show you how you can feel successful, powerful and confident again....

    I want to show you step-by-step how to start tripling your income, finding more customers, getting golden leads!

    Facebook Saved My Business And My Life


    Why FB Ads Work?
    "On one peak day in 2013, Alex and Ani, a jewelry store, drove more revenue through Facebook Ads than they did during 2012 entirely and by the end of 2013, they witnessed growth of 3,569% with sales exceeding $200 million."

    Every user on Facebook has something called a UID or User ID.

    And Facebook’s marketing platform allows you to show ads to a bunch of UIDs.

    You just have to compile a text file with a list of UIDs, upload it to Facebook and show ads to them.

    So I started adverting on Facebook using custom audiences or UID targeting.

    This was cool.

    And it allowed me to improve my marketing ROI drastically as I could narrow down the target audience.

    But it was still not great, as I still had to find these UIDs by spending hours searching, researching groups, events or pages to see if they contained people who were a fit for my product.

    Business was good… but it was still not great.

    Here’s what I wanted to achieve
    • I didn't want to just be able to target individual people...
    • I wanted to be able to target groups, places and even business...
    • I wanted to make it laughably simple to use...
    • And I also wanted to make it lightning fast
    And Here's The Outcome...


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