Easy Animator Pro 2016-01-21

программа для создания/захвата анимаций.

  1. R.Center
    Get LIFETIME Updates for Easy Animator Pro.
    • ONLY 1000 Lifetime Update Licenses Available (less than 180 remaining)!
    • Includes version updates (version 1, 2, 3, etc.)
    • Over 4.5 million animation possibilities to begin with!
    • Import SWF & PNG (SVG coming soon)
    • Export to vector SWF and/or MOV (with transparent background)
    • Frequent Updates (see video for preview of next update)
    • Create fun and engaging animations for your videos in seconds!
    • Super easy to use!
    • 1st Update already released! More coming soon!
    Стоимость - 47$
    FREE download for ForumManager