BitExchanger 2.0

скрипт обменника электронных валют.

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    BitExchanger v2.0 PHP Script

    Main features
    • Bootstrap 3 responsive design
    • jQuery interface for exchange
    • jQuery calculator for fast amount calculation
    • Multilanguage System
    • Support RTL languages
    • Automatically get international exchange rate by Google Currency Convertor API
    • Automatically get bitcoin price from
    • Affiliate program
    • Testimonials
    • Reserve information
    • Operator status at header
    • 3 steps for account verification
    • SSQL Security (Powered by me4onkof)
    • Nice UI
    • Email notifications for every exchange status
    • Option: Admin can require user to have account to exchange
    • Wallet System
    • Deposit System
    • Send money from wallet to user in website
    • Wallet Transactions
    • Earnings system
    • Withdrawal system
    • Referral system

    3 steps account verification
    • Email verification
    • Document verification (Require admin approval of documents)
    • Mobile number verification (Use API)
    • Can be turned on/off every verification and if you turn off all, user will be actived after registration

    Operator features
    • Can process exchanges
    • Can give referrals profits
    • Can manage testimonials
    • Can approve documents
    • Can manage withdrawals
    • and much more try operator panel in demo below

    Administrator features
    • Full admin dashboard
    • Can process exchanges
    • Can manage users
    • Can manage withdrawals
    • Can manage testimonials
    • Can manage gateways
    • Can manage exchange rates
    • and much more try admin panel in demo below

    Gateways features
    • Currency manage (Up to 160 world currencies - USD, RUB, EUR, GBP and etc.)
    • Minimal amount for exchange
    • Maximum amount for exchange
    • Reserve
    • Custom fee option
    • and much more try demo below
    **Server requirements**
    Apache 2.2 Server
    PHP 5.4+ (not native)
    MySQL Database Server
    Apache mod_rewrite **ON**
    PHP mysqli extension
    PHP allow_url_fopen **ON**
    PHP curl extension
    Стоимость - 35$
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