AutomateBook - software for AUTOMATING everything on FACEBOOK 2.6.0

программа для управления своим профилем в социальной сети Facebook

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    Statistics and Data
    Automate book uses facebook API to extract data and statistics and information and make it readily available for you to view in a tabular form as needed

    One Click Automation

    With just a click of a mouse you can automate a lot of things that usually takes you hours to do in your browser in few seconds

    Lots Of Features

    We have lots of features in automate book software with more being added per your request. We are sure you will find it useful

    Works 24/7

    We put a lot into making sure the software stays up to date and make any fixes needed as soon as facebook makes any changes.

    Стоимость - 18$
    FREE download for ForumManager