Atomic Mail Sender 8.69

e-mail рассылка без ограничений!

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    Atomic Mail Sender
    Program for bulk email sendings

    • Flexible SMTP settings
    • Proxy server support
    • Detailed statistics
    • Spam check
    • Unsubscribe wizard
    • Free templates
    Bulk Mailers
    Atomic Mail Sender
    Atomic Mail Sender for sending bulk email
    Plan, create, and send email messages. Monitor and receive your bulk email results inside the program!

    • Complete set of functions necessary for mass email-sending
    • Send email messages to an unlimited number of recipients
    • Works with any SMTP server; the program has a built-in SMTPserver
    • Monitor the results of your campaigns through Atomic Email Tracker service and Google Analytics
    Sending mass email is incredibly simple.

    How does it work?

    Write a letter to your recipients using the visual editoror HTML editor or create a simple text email
    With the ability to send HTML emails, Atomic Mail Sender allows you to create colorful email presentations. You can always make your messages memorable and non-standard with our large number of free HTML templates.

    Add recipients or import a list of email addresses
    The number of email addresses plays no critical role. Some AtomPark clients regularly send emails to 50,000, 100,000, and more than 200,000 addresses. One of the key features of the program is the ability to send email to an unlimited number of recipients.

    All that’s left is to press the Send button, and your recipients will receive your messages
    The program works in a multi-thread mode, which provides high speed. Therefore, even if the connection is slow, you can send out several hundred email messages in just a minute.

    Atomic Mail Sender screenshots:
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