Air Explorer 1.8.2

управление всеми вашими облачными хранилищами всего одной программой!

  1. R.Center
    Access all your cloud servers
    using just one program


    Air Explorer supports the best cloud servers:
    OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, 4shared, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Mediafire, Yandex, Baidu, WebDAV,, Adrive, Magenta Cloud and FTP.

    Direct management of your files
    in the cloud

    • Optionally Air Explorer can encrypt your files
      when you upload them to the cloud
    • Sets up multiple accounts
      from the same server
    • You can synchronize folders
      between any cloud or your computer
    Multiply your storage space by joining all your clouds
    • Copy/Paste between cloud servers
    • Pause and continue uploads and downloads
    • Air Exlorer can share files
    • Centralize search of your files
      across all the clouds
    Cloud file explorer easy to use
    • Application available for Windows
    • Thumbnail view of your pictures
    • Drag'n drop files between your computer and the clouds

    Plugins system
    to add cloud servers

    • Independent development of plugins
    • Contact us if you want
      to develop or suggest a cloud plugin
    Стоимость - 19$
    FREE download for ForumManager