ActiveCampaign Email Marketing 2014-11-14

платформа, которая сочетает в себе все аспекты email маркетинга

  1. R.Center
    Send newsletters & automate your marketing
    email marketing + marketing automation + behavioral analysis

    Marketing automation done right
    You won't find clunky outdated features nor have to pay outrageous fees. It's free.
    Send automated emails based on a subscription date or any contact's data (such as his or her Birthday). Choose any amount of time (hours or days) to wait until sending these emails.
    Automated Series
    Setup a series of events that should take place. Create your own automated sales force or create series of actions for customer retention. Powerful logic for creating a powerful flow of actions.
    Track Behaviors & Interests
    We help connect your email campaigns, social marketing, and web site traffic. Understand how your contacts use all of these mediums and use the data for personalized campaigns.
    Стоимость - 415$
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